by bizzarridesign

The ambition to innovate, a careful research of the material and the development of innovative production processes have enabled us to create a range of collections that reflect the new aesthetics standard. Functioning, but also smart and decorative products will be the new protagonists of the contemporary homes. This products are manufactured thanks to the use of new combinations of materials where the principal protagonist is always glass.


A range of versatile and functioning vanities characterized by the usage of several materials as, for instance, glass, mirror, decorative porcelain and print.

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A combination of precise shapes and elegant materials, the Plissé collection is a range of freestanding units entirely manufactured in glass with some metal details.

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We have followed the current orientation in searching vintage lines and shapes. As a result, we have obtained a linear and smooth vanity, and at the same time a functioning vanity in its simplicity. The match of apparently essential materials such as glass and metal gives the collection character and expressiveness.

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An innovative production process, the outcome of the research of the company, which creates a high decorative top available in 3 different colour finishes for compositions with a high emotional impact.

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A wide range of wall cabinets available in several sizes. In h.210 cm this cabinets can be used as floor storage unit for their big capacity. This wall cabinets are characterized by the burnished aluminum frame of the door with 180° opening where the glass can be extraclear, bronzo or fumé (both the polished or matt finishes are available). Passepartout, thanks to its geometric simplicity, is a good match for all the “Metamorfosi” series.

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This is a collection of decorative mirrors with lighting available in several shapes and sizes. These mirrors show a particular design obtained thanks to an innovative laser engraving process which allows us to remove the silver plating of the mirror. The lighting of the mirror will come out from this laser engravings thus creating elegant or iconic lighting scenarios.

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A metal frame in bronzo or peltro finish gives this mirror collection an important aesthetic and decorative impact, especially for the mirrors of big sizes. The possibility to complete this mirrors with lighting thanks to geometric backgrounds which define the drawing makes these mirrors functioning and suitable for several use both in private and public areas.

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glass & paper

Three different motifs in two variations of wall coverings create the “Glass & Paper Collection”. The idea is to use the same motif for the wall covering, for the tops and for the doors of the cabinets to give continuity to the proposed solution.

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