Art means continuous research, assimilation of the past experiences, addition of new experiences in form, contents, materials, technique, and means.

Bruno Munari

Firenze, 1962

We should go back to the unique ‘60s in Florence for imaging Marcello Gobbini, not yet come of age (at that time people came of age at 21), who started his business of mirror plating and started creating glass accessories with true grit and determination. These were the years of the economic boom: the world economy was soaring and Italy was exploiting the natural handcrafted skills of its young people, imaginative, versatile, dynamic and ready to deal with the demand for home and individual goods. It was the 1962 and Marcello, enthusiastic custodian of the memory of that sweeping change, was laying the foundations of the glass factory that would have later become a leader in bathroom furnishing, known as Artelinea.

Made in Italy

The human capital, the feeling of belonging, the business courage have ever marked the factory growth. The factory, funded in that place that is considered to be the very heart of the Renaissance and of the art, architecture, fashion and beauty can now boast a worldwide character.

  • CEO and President
  • Founder and honorary president
  • Sales Director

Thanks to the contribution of Marcello’s sons, Massimo and Marco, and to the cooperation with several designers and universities, Artelinea offers high quality and customized products, supplied through the best showrooms and retailers in the Western Europe and the USA.

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Our history explains how the passion for beauty and for handmade products become winning factors whenever they are combined with innovative technical resources.


Research, design and production

For us, high quality standards along with exclusivity in manufacturing, customized mirrors, basins, tops, vanity units and accessories are essential.

12.500 sqm of production department Innovative technologies Integrated production

Before designing a product we focus on the study of its materials: this is the interpretation key of our cooperation with the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence, with the “Scuola del Vetro” in Murano, Venice, and with several researchers in addition to our ongoing investments in technology. We do not give up even when faced with equipment and ovens which do not allow us to work the way we had tought: we modify them with stubbornness, thanks to our experience and our intuitions so that we can obtain extraordinary bathroom furnishing and basins.

For us, high quality standards along with exclusivity in manufacturing, customized mirrors, basins, tops, vanity units and accessories are essential. Each step in the production process takes place in our factory so that we can closely monitor it: from the cut to bending, grinding, fusion, painting, and, finally, to the laser works on a special table of the latest generation. Even the vanity units are totally manufactured from the skilled artisans of our woodworking department, directly linked with our illuminating engineering department where mirrors are assembled and wiring made.

Green company

The glass is a recyclable and eco-friendly material, so is our glass processing industry: in fact, we have totally encompassed the model of productive economy with zero environmental impact. Our plant has been created to have a total reuse of the used waters and rainwater.

In our plant of more than 12,000 m2 we have installed photovoltaic panels which can produce 80% of our company’s energy needs and can eliminate the environmental impact of our production, according to a precise green strategy.

Our packaging aims at the same goal: in our internal box factory we produce made to measure packaging using 100% recycled cardboard for each product that is then ready to be shipped.

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