Dicroico collection

Designer: Davide Vercelli



Collection of freestanding basins manufactured with four slabs of stratified glass.

The name derives from the use of a particular film in the lamination of the glass sheets. This film interacts with light in a different way according to its degree of incidence, changing its color according to the observer's point of view, shaping a different colored shadow depending on how you look at it.

Davide Vercelli\’s choice has a great visual imbact because it creates a perfect balance between the basin, geometrically rigurous and very simple, and the play of light and perspectives. The shape of the glas sheets follows the diagram of forces – with its triangle-shaped geometry – using as little material as possible.


Colores disponibles

Lavabos, top y basintop.
B Bronzo
FE Fumè

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