Recyclable and environmentally friendly materials designed with taste now available in the new polished finish for the counter top, basintop, furniture coverings and all glass panels
Since 1962 Artelinea has been the market leader in the production and design of high quality bathroom furnishings. In our continued research of materials which are environmentally friendly and compatible, Artelinea have introduced such materials as glass and Opalite to our production line. These two materials are available throughout a wide section of our product range and are both recyclable and hygienic.


As far as our range of coloured glass is concerned Artelinea has decided to employ new enamels for the production of vanity units as well as basin tops, work tops and tiles. These new enamels are water based and are produced in accordance with all relevant manufacturing standards and regulations. This enables our coloured glass to be entirely recyclable.

It's a green world

This “Green” concept is completed by the use of renewable photovoltaic energy and by the internal recycling of the water which is used throughout our production process.
With our designers we have renewed our colour range confirming the classic Artelinea and adding many new options.
All the new Artelinea colour options available in
a very smart display box for your showroom.

Discover all the new colours
  • Rosso 22
  • Moka 43
  • Seppia 60
  • Notte 39
  • Mela L5
  • Ruggine L0
  • Avana 45
  • Fumo 11
  • Sardinia 26
  • Cipria 35
  • Senape L1
  • Tortora 33
  • Grigio 54
  • Cielo L4
  • Bianco assoluto 30
  • Terra 16
  • Seta L2
  • Perla L3
  • Erba 63

Colours tops/basintops/furniture coverings.

  • Rosso silk 92
  • Moka silk 76
  • Seppia silk 93
  • Notte silk 99
  • Mela silk S5
  • Ruggine silk S0
  • Avana silk 05
  • Fumo silk 47
  • Sardinia silk 59
  • Cipria silk 86
  • Senape silk S1
  • Tortora silk 53
  • Grigio silk 07
  • Cielo silk S4
  • Bianco silk 70
  • Terra silk 94
  • Seta silk S2
  • Perla silk S3
  • Erba silk 44

Colours silk top/basintop/furniture coverings.

  • Opalite bianco 20
  • Opalite nero 24

Top and basintop

  • Filo ghisa A2
  • Filo argento A9
  • Filo mercurio A8
  • Basalto A5
  • Acero A6
  • Statuario bianco A7

Laminam covering colours

  • Cotone CO
  • Canapa CA
  • China CH
  • Natural NT
  • Noce NC
  • Fumè FM

Furniture Coverings Incanto, Dama, Riga18 Collections.

  • Fumè grigio L8
  • Fumè bronzo L9

Furniture coverings

  • Cristalplant A0
  • Ceramilux A1

Tops/basintops only

  • Flutes Nero B1
  • Flutes Bronzo B2
  • Flutes Bianco B3
  • Flutes Terra B7
  • Flutes Grigio B8
  • Flutes Notte B9

For Monolite, Kimono, Plissé, T-60 and +Skin Collections