Orders and payments

Purchasing methods

1. The products sold by Artelinea are solely those available on the Artelinea website at the time of the receipt of the order, as described in the related information sheets.

2. In any case, it remains understood that the images supporting the description of a product are merely for information purposes and cannot be perfectly representative of the product's features, but may differ, for example, in colour and size (also due to the browser or screen used to access the website and to see the images).

3. To place an Order, the Client must fill in each part of the form on the website and send the form after having carefully read the Conditions and the characteristics of the product and/or products he/she intends to purchase. The Client, if required, must also ask Artelinea for a tax invoice pertaining to the purchase, in accordance with art. 22 D.p.R. no.633/1972.

4. Correct receipt of the order is confirmed by Artelinea via email sent to the email address provided by the Client. Said message will summarise the purchase conditions as set by the applicable regulation and the data inserted in the Client's Order, so that the Client can assess them and, if necessary, immediately inform the send of the necessary corrections and incorrect data.

Prices and Payment Method

1. The prices indicated on the website include tax and VAT. Any delivery or payment costs are notified to the Client in advance through the website or these Conditions.

2. The following methods of payment are accepted:

(i) Deposit

If a purchase is made through deposit, the bank details for the payment will be visualised. The delivery of the goods or, in the event of personalised products, the beginning of the processing will occur only upon actual receipt of the bank payment.  

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