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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“

Leonardo da Vinci

At the International Bathroom Exhibition 2024 in Milan, Artelinea presents a wide range of products to enrich bathroom spaces and other rooms of houses around the world, both contemporary and from the past. The signature behind these restyling and innovations is designer Giulio Cappellini, the company's Art Director, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's philosophy.


by Giulio Cappellini

A family of freestanding or sit-on basins characterized by simple and geometric shapes.

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by Giulio Cappellini

A collection of mirrors in big sizes for the bathroom or any other rooms.

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Plissé News

Plissé range has enlarged with new elements and becomes a stark collection of vanities, shelves and accessories.


by Giulio Cappellini

In addition to the colored glass version, Plissé is now available in wood mixed with coloured mirrors.A sophisticated and elegant offer that allows you to create small compositions or decorate large walls.

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Virgo mirrors

A collection of mirrors manufactured in several sizes. Modern objects inspired by our tradition.

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Monolite collection expands in new modules and new finishes. Vertical or horizontal compositions are created thanks to big wall units.

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This bestselling collection by Artelinea is modernized with original modules, color combinations and surfaces.

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Sottosopra mirrors

A modern and finely drawn mirror that is both a functioning and decorative object in the contrast of the finishes.

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