Opalite means freedom of design, elegance, brightness and durability.

Opalite is


since it is composed of a silicon sand base.


as it is 100% recyclable like glass.


because it has a non-porous surface and it is easy to clean.

Noble and elegant

since it has a shiny surface.


to chemical agents, to cleaning products and to scratches due to its composition (test N ° 6899/11)


In time.


as it is suitable for several uses.

“Opalite glass is a material composed of silicon sand and other noble minerals which make it similar to the glass paste. Its use is environmentally freindly. Opalite is a trade mark of Artelinea S.p.A. The international regulation for this product is the Uni EN14688:2007 Test. Report n°021715-01“.

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Opalite products

A large number of Artelinea's products are made in Opalite, since it is a particularly
elegant and durable material

Opalite: 100% recyclable and
environmentally friendly material

OPALITE is obtained through a special manufacturing process which requires the skills of highly qualified, expert craftsmen who use a process which results in each slab being unique and a one-off. It is possible that faint scratches and micro depressions may be perceived, but the fact that these have been created during the production process, managed by hand and not by machine as part of a mass production line, adds to the value of the product. ARTELINEA and the supplier have established checks at all stages of the production process to ensure the product complies with the quality required to ensure that OPALITE is the best product available on the market today.

Where you can use it

Opalite can be used for bathroom and kitchen furnishings as well as in living rooms, from worktops and basin units, integrated and sit-on washbasins and bath edgings to steps,tables, floor coverings and wall tiles. The fact that it is a non-porous material means that it is resistant to mould and bacteria and it is therefore hygienically suitable for surfaces which come into contact with food (kitchen tops) or people (bath edges, shower tiles).

The uniformity of colour, the absolute compactness and the strong resistance of the product which has been certified in laboratory tests means Opalite is suitable for flooring and wall tiles and can be laid using the same methods which are used for laying ceramic or marble tiles.

How to care for Opalite

Normal cleaning products for washable surfaces can be used, avoiding the use of abrasives.

Opalite is environmentally friendly, environmentally compatible and recyclable.


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