Gemme collection



Covering formed by the stratified match of a layer of 5mm mirror and a layer of 3mm ceramic for a total thickness of around 9mm. Gemme can be produced thanks to a technology that, with a process of high-temperature vacuum-sealing with a special sealant put between the ceramic and the mirror sheets, creates a single element. This new element is resistant to moisture and chemical agents and has customized finishes.

The mirror is available in the following 3 finishes:
- Fumé grigio
- Fumé bronzo
- Specchio 02

An aluminium frame for enclosing the Gemme tiles compositions is available in 2 finishes:
- Polished bronzo
- Polished peltro

Available colours

Furniture coverings.
L8Specchio Fumé Grigio
L9Specchio Fumé Bronzo
Strip and toe kick.

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