Plissé collection

Designer: Bizzarridesign



Sinuous lines that create visual harmony and captivate the eye, pleated finishes that add a touch of sensuality and character. Plissé is a work that transforms space and tells a story of refined taste and love for sublime aesthetics.

What makes an idea great?

Design, for us, is a gaze that goes beyond the small things, discovers invisible connections, and reaches towards an infinite horizon of possibilities. It does not settle for superficial appearance but seeks to reveal the deeper meaning hidden behind every object, every space, and every experience.


That's how, with careful observation, endless curiosity, and a deep love for what we do, we strive to turn every idea, even the smallest one, into a great reality.


When creativity, passion, and design come together, something extraordinary can be born.

A combination of precise shapes and elegant materials, the Plissé collection is a range of freestanding units entirely manufactured in glass with some metal details.


The perfect vertical lines that compose the container body of the Plissé totems lend momentum to their structure, while the metal details and the brilliance of the glass amplify their sumptuousness. The three-dimensionality of the subtle pleats and the interplay they create with light also provide a sense of movement and lightness without sacrificing balance.

The Plissé totems are available in different variations: with square and rectangular fusion washbasins and finishes of colors that further enhance their lines, such as black, bronze, and absolute white.


Plissé Glass

Available colours

Colours tops/basintops/furniture coverings.
16 Terra
45 Avana
33 Tortora
L2 Seta
30 Bianco Assoluto
60 Seppia
D7 Velluto
39 Notte
L3 Perla
D6 Gesso
54 Grigio
11 Fumo
D8 Smeraldo
D9 Cashmere
B6 Bronzo
Colours silk top/basintop/furniture coverings.
94 Terra Silk
05 Avana Silk
53 Tortora Silk
S2 Seta Silk
70 Bianco Silk
93 Seppia Silk
E1 Velluto Silk
99 Notte Silk
S3 Perla Silk
E0 Gesso Silk
07 Grigio Silk
47 Fumo Silk
E2 Smeraldo Silk
E3 Cashmere Silk
F0 Bronzo Silk
Mirror finishes.
L8 Specchio Fumé Grigio
L9 Specchio Fumé Bronzo
02 Specchio
E5 Specchio Fumé Grigio Silk
E6 Specchio Fumé Bronzo Silk
Enameled fluted glass. Cabinet covering.
B1 Flutes Nero
B2 Flutes Bronzo
B3 Flutes Bianco
B7 Flutes Terra
B8 Flutes Grigio
B9 Flutes Notte
E8 Flutes Smeraldo
M1 Flutes Nero Silk
M2 Flutes Bronzo Silk
M3 Flutes Bianco Silk
M4 Flutes Terra Silk
M5 Flutes Cashmere Silk
M6 Flutes Tortora Silk
M7 Flutes Gesso Silk
M8 Flutes Fumo Silk
Washbasins, top and basintop.
20 Opalite Bianco
24 Opalite Nero
Washbasins, top and basintop.
C0 Quarzo Fumé
H0 Topazio
Top and basintop.
A0 Cristalplant
Strip and toe kick.
PE Peltro
BR Bronzo
08 Bianco Opaco

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