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The Goccia mirror of the BOA collection represents the excellence of the mirror craftsmanship and, because it is manufactured in a single piece, it is the iconic product of the entire collection.
Massimo Gobbini, President of Artelinea


The sheet of glass is bent in ovens creating a curve all over the mirror circumference thus producing the effect of constancy and design.

The excellence of the production, the technology and the know-how of the artisans allow to create a single piece of bent glass with the flat surface in the center.

La superficie così realizzata viene poi argentata consentendone l'utilizzo come un tradizionale specchio ma con questo effetto di stondatura su tutta la circonferenza che fa risaltare l'unicità di questo prodotto.


Available colours

Mirror finishes
AG Argento
AN Antracite
BM Bronzo
AU Blu
RA Rame

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